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vLink Solutions uses a structured, Lean Video Production process to CREATE all types of online videos, then helps clients CURATE the resulting digital assets with a proprietary Video Marketing Platform.
This proven formula saves time and money, and provides the tools and expertise to drive and measure success!

Video creation is a three-step process that ensures professional level, compelling content that produces measurable results for your business.




Begin the creative process!

  • Brainstorm objectives and ideas for videos.

  • Select video concepts to support your marketing strategy.

  • Outline video campaigns that will achieve business objectives




Create actionable plans for production and distribution!

  • Clarify target audience to create focused messaging.

  • Identify the take-away messaging that best supports business objectives.

  • Develop an editorial calendar to drive production schedule.




Produce compelling video that bring ideas to life!

  • Build storyboards and scripting to deliver on-target messaging.

  • Record the video, either in our studios or on-site.

  • Complete post-editing, add graphics and music, and refine final video product.


Video content curation is at the heart of driving engagement, increasing conversions and delivering a strong ROI.




Utilize the vLink Video Marketing Platform!

  • Robust cloud-based hosting leveraging Akamai, Amazon and Rackspace.

  • Guaranteed playback on all modern internet devices.

  • Global availability on the world's largest content delivery network.

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Publish your videos and get them seen!

  • Easily publish videos to your website, blog, or Social Media.

  • Build and manage a video SEO strategy.

  • Leverage videos across email, marketing automation and sales enablement.

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Monitor your success with powerful analytics!

  • Track viewing results and evaluate viewer engagement.

  • Leverage deep-dive reporting to refine your strategy.  

  • Understand viewer behavior and drive more success!