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Is the Press Release Dead or Alive

posted by: Scott Williford
on 29 June 2016

In this Video Marketing Conversation, Scott Williford sits down with Anna Ruth Williams, founder and CEO of ARPR (www.arpr.co) to talk about the press release. Is the press release dead or alive?

Clearly the press release is not dead. It is still the primary news source for news agencies. Why? Because it is recognized as the most authoritative document available by the news industry. Information included in a press releases is vetted, fact checked and available full distribution.

How we use and write press releases have changed. Headlines, search terms and more all important to how you write and format a press release. After all, “It’s Google’s world and we live in it.” says Anna Ruth.

Press releases that include media has been reported recently to increase click through rates 4 to 8 times higher than text only press release. So be sure to leverage video when you can on any press release.

For more tips about how to leverage video in your press release visit 4 Tips to Enhance Video Press Releases http://thevideomarketingauthority.com/Tips-and-Tricks/4-tips-to-enhance-video-press-releases.html.

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